IMURAYA Hokkaido Dainagon Azuki Monaka 140ML


Contains hidden salt, so the saltiness accelerates the sweetness. There is also a white chocolate coating on the bottom of the monaka, so you can enjoy the sweetness of the chocolate, which is a very delicious combination. It was delicious served with ice cream, which is recommended for red bean paste lovers.

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Ingredients :-Sugar (Thailand, South Korea), dairy products, Dainagon red beans, monaka (contains wheat), chocolate coating (contains milk ingredients), raw bean paste (Dainagon red beans), reduced starch syrup, co, starch, salt / Sorbitol, emulsifier (soybean derived),flavoring, modified starch, stabilizer (thickener polysaccharides), caramel color, leavening agent, annatto color, carotene color.

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