KOKUBO Hokkaido Cream Puff Matcha Azuki 55g


Hokkaido sour flour, pasteurized milk, and butter are blended into the batter, and matcha flavorful bean paste is sandwiched to add access to the texture and flavor. A Japanese-style dessert full of matcha, adzuki beans, and milk flavor.

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Ingredients: Milk, strained bean paste, eggs, processed fats and oils, wheat flour, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, powdered starch syrup, milk, fresh cream, matcha, Western liquor, matcha Paste, margarine, salt/sodium casein, emulsifier, whey mineral, pH adjuster, swelling agent, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), fragrance, polysaccharide thickener, coloring (carotene, (partially eggs, whey, wheat, soy).

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