AJINOMOTO Nikuatsu Menchikatsu 112G


This is a thick, bento-sized minced cutlet packed with meat.
The flavor of black pepper brings out the umami of the meat and goes great with rice. It can be thawed naturally.
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Ingredient: Meat (pork, beef), onion, beef tallow, granulated soybean factory protein, bread crumbs, sugar, starch, salt, egg white powder, spices, soy sauce, yeast extract seasoning, batter (bread crumbs, plants) Oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, powdered soybeans, Naguchi flower, wheat flour, salt), frying oil (rapeseed oil)/modified starch, pH adjuster, seasonings (amino acids, emulsifier, baking soda, thickener (xanthan), vitamins) B1, caramel coloring, (contains eggs, beef, soybeans, and pork in some parts).

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