AKAGI Parfait Dessert Mix Fruit 300ml


Parfait ice cream made with 5 kinds of fruit: peach, mandarin orange, banana, pineapple, and cherry.



Ingredients: dairy products(manufactured in Japan), fruit sauce (sugar, thigh pulp, mandarin orange syrup, reduced starch syrup), vegetable oil,sugar, cherry sauce,starch syrup,Foods made mainly from milk, etc., Red Bean Amanatto,mandarin orange juice,peach juice,banana puree, pineapple juice,Isomerized liquid sugar, peach candy chips,Salt/stabilizer(Polysaccharide thickener,modified starch),Trehalose,perfume,acidulant,emulsifier,coloring agent(carotenoid,red yeast rice,Anthocyanin), Ca lactate, pH adjuster,ascorbic acid, Ca carbonate,sweetener(stevia)

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