5 flavors that go well with snacks are exquisitely blended in one bag. A size that can be eaten crispy. Happy 8 bags. <5 types of flavors> Petit Kabuki fried, peanut fried, seaweed wrapped hail, twisted fried, shrimp crackers

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Deep-fried Petit Kabuki: Non-glutinous rice (domestic, US), vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), fructose-glucose liquid sugar, salt, seasoning extract (contains soybeans) / modified starch (derived from wheat), seasoning Ingredients (amino acids, etc.), caramel color
Peanut fried noodles: sticky rice (produced in Thailand), vegetable oil, peanuts, salt, chili pepper, Chinese seasoning (including chicken and pork) / seasonings (amino acids, etc.)
Twist fried: Dough (cornstarch (non-genetically modified), wheat flour, others) (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil, salt, Chinese seasoning (including chicken and pork), powdered vinegar, starch, glucose, seasoning extract (including soybeans), Red pepper/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), leavening agent, acidulant
Norimaki hail: glutinous rice (Thailand, China), seaweed, soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), sugar, seafood extract seasoning (mackerel, soybeans, soybeans) chicken), glucose, mirin, protein hydrolyzate (including soybeans), salt/processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), paprika pigment, caramel pigment, acidulant, spice extract
Shrimp crackers: Dough ( Wheat flour, cornstarch (not genetically modified), others (including shrimp) (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil, salt, glucose, starch, shrimp-flavored powder (including wheat, shrimp, and soybeans), seasoning extract (including soybeans) , Spices/Bulking agents, Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), Benicouji color, Paprika color

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