ARIMA Soy Sauce Cashew Nuts 90g (HALAL)


Indian cashew nuts wrapped in wheat flour and kanbai powder. It is roasted over low heat with a fragrant soy sauce sauce. (Made in Japan)

When you take a bite, the mellow aroma and fragrant taste of whole soybean soy sauce spreads in your mouth, and you can enjoy the crunchy texture. The cashew nuts inside are rich in minerals such as iron and zinc. It is effective in preventing anemia, recovering from fatigue, and improving taste.

This “Brown Cashew Nut” is recommended for those who want to maintain their health deliciously, those who are a little tired of unglazed cashew nuts, and those who are looking for more snack-like nuts.

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Cashew nuts (from India), wheat flour, cold plum powder mix (starch, glutinous rice), sugar, whole soybean soy sauce, vegetable oil, seafood extract, salt, red pepper/processed starch, leavening agent, (wheat, cashew nuts, soybeans in part) Including)

Nutritional information display (per 100g):
Energy 556kcal Protein 16.0g Lipid 36.7g Carbohydrate 42.2g -Sugar 38.8g -Dietary fiber 3.4g Salt equivalent 0.8mg Iron 4.1g Potassium 510mg Magnesium 190mg Vitamin B 10.4mg

Contents: 90g, 12 pieces per case, JAN code: 4901017021667, Expiration date: 180 days from production date, Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

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Additional information

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