GINBIS Ookina Tabekko Doubutsu Snack Usushio 4P


The firm crispy texture enhances the flavor of the fragrant potato dough. A total of 47 animal shapes! Full of educational projects, perfect for parent-child communication tools. Learn English in a fun way. It is a potato snack that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Ingredients: Vegetable oil (produced in Japan), shortening, dried potato, sugar, salt, cheese, glucose, DHA-containing fish oil, kelp powder, consomme-flavored seasoning, spice/processed starch, trehalose, casein sodium, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), calcium carbonate , flavoring, emulsifier, coloring (carotenoid, caramel), spice extract, acidulant, (partially contains milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans, pork, chicken, beef, gelatin, sesame)

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Additional information

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