GINBIS Tabekko Baby Bag 63g


Biscuits from around 1 year old. Comes with a zipper for convenient storage. Nursery School Kindergarten Snack. This product was developed for young children from around 1 year old. Made with 100% domestically produced wheat and free of eggs, milk, soybeans, artificial coloring, chemical seasonings, and flavorings, these biscuits are gentle even for children with allergies. 18 kinds of cute little animal shapes are available, and calcium, oligosaccharide, and DHA are added. Food with functional health claims (calcium).

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Ingredients: Wheat flour (gluten husk), shortening, sugar, milk powder (milk), potato starch, DHA (including fish oil), salt, leavening agent, emulsifier (E473 contains soybean), calcium carbonate.

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Additional information

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Dimensions 13 × 6 × 19 cm
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