HAMADA Balance Power Rich Fruits 6p


A refreshing soft texture cookie with sweet and sour blueberry jelly. Food with nutrient function claims containing calcium, iron, and 8 kinds of vitamins in a well-balanced manner. Contains 230 mg of calcium and 2.3 mg of iron per bag.

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Internal capacity : 6 packs
Ingredients: Raisins (manufactured in the United States), wheat flour, shortening, sugar, reduced starch syrup, margarine, indigestible dextrin, sugar-bound starch syrup, processed apples, salt/processed starch, crystalline cellulose, eggshell Ca, glycerin, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), acidulant, swelling agent, iron pyrophosphate, coloring (carotene, paprika pigment, turmeric pigment), niacin, thickener (pectin: derived from orange), vitamin E, calcium pantothenate, antioxidant ( Vitamin C), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, flavoring (derived from milk), vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin B12.

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Additional information

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