KOIKEYA Okome Gokochi Shrimp 45g


In addition to the kneaded prawns, the dough has a savory flavor similar to roasted prawn shells. The seasoning powder is also adjusted so that you can feel the shrimp more, and you can enjoy the deep real shrimp from both the dough and the seasoning.

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Ingredients: Dough (made in Japan) (rice flour (rice (domestic)), starch, vegetable oil, sugar, shrimp powder, salt, bonito flakes), vegetable oil, seafood extract powder, glucose, dextrin, salt, rice flour, powdered soy sauce, yeast extract Powder, red bell pepper, red pepper, protein hydrolyzate/modified starch , seasonings (amino acids, etc.), benikoji pigment, fragrance, annatto pigment, (partially contains milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, soybeans, pork, and gelatin. )

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Additional information

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