KOKUBO Hokkaido Cream Puff Milk 60g


Frozen Ingredients Carefully selected eggs from Hokkaido cream and homemade custard with vanilla beans made from pasteurized milk are blended to create a cream with a gentle sweetness, rich aroma and strong milk taste. The characteristic milk cream has become even more delicious. We’ve refined our homemade custard recipe, focusing on the balance of pasteurized milk and eggs for a smoother mouthfeel. Therefore, you can enjoy the rich richness and flavor of milk even when it is frozen or thawed.

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Ingredients: Pumpkin, milk-based foods, milk, eggs, fresh cream, wheat flour, processed oil, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, powdered starch syrup, margarine, liquor, salt/sodium caseinate, emulsifier, fragrance, whey mineral, pH Adjusting agent, swelling agent, stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide), coloring agent (carotene), (partially contains milk components, eggs, wheat, and soybeans).

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