MEIJI Banana Chocolate 37g


Chocolate bananas are a popular treat usually found at matsuris (festivals) in Japan. However, we know you can’t easily visit Japan at the moment, so we’ve found the next best thing for you, Banana Choco candies! These are cute banana-shaped banana-flavored chocolate candies. The package is bright yellow with an adorable monkey encouraging you to try his choco bananas. Meiji is one of the top confectionery companies in Japan and releases many new delicious snacks every year!

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Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, starch, cocoa butter, vegetable oil, banana powder, starch syrup, gelatin, emulsifier (contains soybeans), eggshell calcium, fragrance, brightener, thickener (gum arabic), gardenia pigment

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Additional information

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Dimensions 7 × 3 × 11 cm
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