SHOEI DELICY Sakuyama Chocojiro Biscuit Chocolate 4P


Bite-sized chocolate biscuits that combine light and crispy biscuits with milk chocolate.Contains milk cream that enhances the taste. Chocolate is in the shape of an expressive character (Chocolate Jiro) (30 types in total). The biscuits have “Fun Chat” and “Favorites” with Choco Jiro’s “Cho” (100 types in total). The 4-row type is perfect for children’s snacks and outings, and the fun design makes snack time even more exciting!

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Internal capacity : 4 packs
Ingredients: Sugar (foreign or domestic production), wheat flour, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, lactose, cocoa butter, shortening, cocoa powder, sweetened skimmed condensed milk, isomerized liquid sugar, fresh cream, salt/emulsifier, leavening agent, fragrance, Coloring (caramel), (contains dairy ingredients, wheat, and soybeans)

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Additional information

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Dimensions 20 × 2 × 51 cm
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