TOKYO BANANA Tokyo Banana 4P 148G


These fluffy, soft sponge cakes are filled abundantly with banana custard cream. They’re made with real bananas pressed gently into a purée, with the utmost care given to create a taste that will be beloved by anyone. The cakes are manufactured and individually ackaged in a clean and safe nvironment utilizing advanced technology, allowing them to stay fresh during your return travels another reason why they’re so popular. Pamper your taste buds with a delicious reminder of your time in Japan.

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Ingredients: Banana cream (starch syrup, banana paste, sugar, banana puree, vegetable oil, skim milk powder, egg yolk, flour, gelatin, preservative (K sorbic acid)) (Japan), liquid egg, sugar, flour , vegetable oil, emulsified oil, dried egg white/modified starch, seasoning (amino acid), sorbitol, emulsifier (soybean-derived), swelling agent, pH adjuster, glycine, flavoring, carotenoid coloring, (contains wheat, eggs, and milk) (Contains soybean, gelatin, and banana).

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