UHA Puccho Bowl Syuwasyuwa 50G


The Pucho brand offers gummies with various flavors that are very famous in Japan.

The Japanese company UHA Mikakuto is one of the most popular confectioners in the country. It owns the e-ma, Pucho, Kororo and Sakeru brands, among others

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Ingredients:sugar(manufactured in Japan),starch syrup,vegetable oil,Erythritol, processed vegetable oil,Reduced maltose starch syrup,gelatin,Sterilized lactic acid beverage,concentrated grape juice/acidulant,baking soda,stabilizer(CMC),perfume,emulsifier,sweetener(aspartame- L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K,stevia),coloring agent(caramel,spirulina blue,Gardenia,carotenoid),Antioxidant(V.E), (contains dairy ingredients and gelatin in part).

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Additional information

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