UHA Sakeru Gummy Muscat 4gx7P


Sakeru Gummy Shine Muscat 7P by UHA
These sweet jelly strips are spiced up with “shiny” muscat – the famous green Shine Muscat grape variety from Japan. This soft candy is easily peeled into smaller strips.

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Internal capacity : 7 pcs
Ingredients:Sugar, processed vegetable oil, starch syrup, gelatin, muscat juice, concentrated apple juice, lactic acid bacteria (sterilized), dextrin/cellulose, acidulant, emulsifier, coloring (carotenoid, gardenia), flavoring, sweetener (aspartame/L-phenylalanine) compound), (contains dairy ingredients, apples, and gelatin in part)

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Additional information

Weight 0.028 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 cm
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