YBC Picola Roll Cookie 58.8g


In addition to the gorgeous cherry blossom aroma, it is an exquisite blend of two types of Uji matcha (Uji matcha with a strong bitter taste and Uji matcha with a strong umami). Spring-like cherry blossom-colored roll cookies are combined with matcha cream with cherry blossom scent. The cream uses stone mill ground Uji matcha with a smooth texture and domestic cherry blossom powder.

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Ingredients: Wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar, lactose, processed fats and oils, reduced starch syrup, eggs, matcha, vegetable oil, margarine, skimmed milk powder, salt, cherry powder (dextrin, cherry blossom paste (cherry blossom salted, cherry leaf salted), agar, sugar, cherry blossom extract), maltose, wheat fiber, starch syrup / emulsifier (derived from soybean), crystalline cellulose, flavoring, coloring (gardenia, red beet), stabilizer (modified starch).

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Additional information

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