DENROKU Aji No Kodawari 110g


There are 8 kinds of delicious flavors such as small fish, shrimp, and squid that are full of the scent of the tide.

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Ingredients: Peanuts (imported), wheat flour, rice, starch, sugar, vegetable oil, sardines, kanbai powder, glutinous rice, mustard mayonnaise seasoning, soy sauce, salt, shrimp, dextrin, seaweed, sea lettuce, shrimp extract, squid Starch syrup, spice, oyster sauce, flavor seasoning, protein hydrolyzate/processed starch, swelling agent, trehalose, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), fragrance, coloring (red yeast, carotenoid, caramel), emulsifier, acidulant, paste Ingredients (pullulan), spice extracts, (partly contains eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, peanuts, squid, soybeans, chicken, pork)

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Additional information

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