GODIVA Hazenut Praline & Heart Chip 90ml


It features chocolate that looks like GODIVA praline made into ice cream and a rich nutty flavor. The taste of GODIVA’s pronoun hazelnut “praline” is made into ice cream. It is creamy and full-bodied ice cream with concentrated taste of his nuts. The rich taste of hazelnuts and fragrant almonds is complemented by the flavor of dark chocolate. With heart-shaped dark chocolate chips, you can enjoy the aroma and bitterness of chocolate as soon as you bite into it.

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Ingredients: cream、skimmed condensed milk、sugar、hazelnut paste、almond、cocoa mass, glucose syrup powder, egg yolk,Cocoa butter/emulsifier、stabilizer(Polysaccharide thickener), (partly contains eggs, milk ingredients, and almonds)

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