IMURAYA Taiyaki Monaka 130ML


This ice cream wafer in a cute Tai-yaki shape is still loved by many people even 30 years after its release. Imuraya’s original rich but not-so-sweet Azuki paste makes a good combination with a crispy wafer. You can enjoy the chocolate coating inside the wafer, which adds accents of taste and crunchy texture. You may be so lucky that your Taiyaki Ice Cream is winking!



Ingredients: Sugar (Thailand, Korea), starch syrup, red beans, dairy products, chocolate coating (contains milk ingredients), Monaka (contains wheat), vegetable oil, sweetened egg yolk(contains eggs), cornstarch, reduced starch syrup , salt/sorbitol, modified starch, emulsifier (derived from soybean), flavor (derived from milk/soybean), stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), caramel color, leavening agent.

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