KRACIE Happy Kitchen Doughnut 38g


Handmade sweets that you can enjoy making donuts and decorating. A product that even children can easily make donuts. You can make 2 each of custard and cocoa donuts (4 in total). You can also make mixed donuts by mixing. Decoration ingredients include vanilla sauce base, strawberry sauce base, chocolate sauce base, chocolate pen bag, colorful toppings, and crunch. You can freely decorate it with cute shapes such as animals. All you need to prepare is water! It also comes with a tray for mixing the cream, so you don’t need any other supplies.

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Ingredients: Sugar(manufactured in Japan),glucose,vegetable oil,starch,cookie crunch,dextrin,cocoa powder, corn syrup,milk protein/modified starch,coloring agent(caramel,vegetable pigment,Gardenia,flavonoid,carotenoid),calcium carbonate,sodium caseinate,perfume,emulsifier,acidulant,baking soda,Polysaccharide thickener,brightener, (contains wheat, milk and soybeans)

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Additional information

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Dimensions 14.5 × 4.5 × 13 cm
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