SHIAWASEDO Yogurut Cake 10Pcs


SHIAWASEDO Nagano Cheesecake (10 individually wrapped bags) Imported from Japan, do you think the usual cheesecake is too big, too greasy, too stagnant? You might as well try the cheesecake from Nagano. There are ten pieces in a bag and individually wrapped. The texture of the soft cake is not afraid of being too hard. It is soft and fluffy when you eat it, and the cheese smells in your mouth. I guarantee you will like it!

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Internal capacity : 10 pcs
Ingredients: Chicken eggs (domestic),sugar,flour,Yogurt(raw milk,sugar・high fructose liquid sugar,dairy products,oligosaccharide), vegetable oil/emulsifier(derived from soybeans),Sorbitol,perfume, swelling agent,Antioxidant(Vitamin E),coloring agent(carotene)

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 30 cm
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