UHA E-MA Nodome VC Lemon 33G


Contains 1,500 mg of vitamin C, which is required at 100 mg per day. Vitamin C is a nutrient that has a high effect on the immune system and has been shown to be effective in managing physical condition and alleviating cold symptoms.
Contains xylitol, which is effective in preventing tooth decay, so you can easily take care of your mouth and body.
The material is neither candy nor tablet, and the smooth licking feeling and crunchy texture are addictive! Lick and taste, chew and taste, how to eat is up to you!

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Ingredients: Ingredients: Sugar (manufactured in Japan), raffinose, starch syrup, starch, dextrin, lemon juice powder/sweetener (xylitol), vitamin C, flavoring, thickener (gum arabic), acidulant , sucrose ester, coloring (carotenoid), emulsifier, (partly contains apple

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Additional information

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